About Us

Brookwood is a boutique advisory and planning firm which caters to a discerning clientele.  We offer custom services that help our clients reach and exceed their financial goals.  Like our clients, we’re picky about who we work with.  Fit is important to us.  We expect our relationships to be long lasting and we work very hard to ensure that.


We Are In Your Corner

No matter how remarkable one financial professional is, he or she can’t compare to a team of multi-disciplined professionals. Brookwood Investment Group offers a consultative approach to wealth management stewarded by financial, tax, and legal professionals to help clients define true wealth to accomplish life and wealth goals, and lasting legacies.  


Investment Strategies

We curate sound investment strategies to help protect family assets and help you to redefine what it means to achieve true wealth. Compassionate support through every emotional decision and element of planning breeds the kind of peace of mind so many advisers fail to deliver. And beyond each step of a financial plan, advisers need to actually advise — to commit to coaching clients through a life plan. 


Our Team

Robert Raimondo


Kim Raimondo


Suzanne Furrow

Head of Institutional Relations

Karen Harper

Director of Advisor Relations

Joe Ward

VP Risk Management

Operations & Support

David Rosenthal - IT Director
Margaret Connelly - Systems Administrator
Barbara Kobs - Compensation Assistant
Donna Dahlgren - Client Service 
Carol Pipitone - Client Service 
David Hendershott - Portfolio Management 
Dylan Kobs - Trading 
Liam Kobs - Firm Communication & Marketing
Emma Raimondo - Creative Initiatives
Benjamin Raimondo - Media Outreach

Licensed Fiduciaries

Bill Anderson
Ross Atefi
Dan Angelone
Brent Burgesser
Stephen Caruso
Tracy Cobb
Sandra Crook
Nick Greenhouse
David Hendershot
Zach Jones
Cassie Kang
Adam Klein
Todd Mann
Carol Pipitone
Robert Raimondo
Richard Rogers
Steve Schippel
Joseph Ward
Vincent Yackinan

Achieve Peace of Mind